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Active Music

We’re thrilled to announce that this year at Nido we are introducing Active Music in Nido through Willems pedagogy. Edgar Willems, notorious musician and pedagogue, was one of Maria Montessori’s main influences when it came to create her music curriculum and materials. As a matter of fact, many of the Montessori music materials were originally made by Willems. 

In the words of the Willems Federation Internationale:

This process is founded on the psychological connections existing among music, human beings and the natural world.

The study of their constituent elements and of how each domain is organized has enabled the elaboration of a sequence that is directly inspired by and respectful of them.

The acquisition of musical language comes about in a way similar to that of the mother tongue.

This is an active musical education requiring receptivity, permeation, and imitation, but also self-expression and inventiveness.

Our wonderful music teacher, Laia, has grown with the Willems method and she uses it, together with an array of musico-therapy techniques, to create an optimal learning environment for the children at Nido. The key is for the young child to experience music sensorially as much as possible, much like they do with everything else in the classroom. That first sensorial impression gives them a solid base upon which they can abstract later on.

A typical session will go as follows:

10 Minutes – Welcoming the Children, learning new songs and singing together.

25 Minutes –  Two activities combining the key elements of Willems: Music and corporal expression. 

10 Minutes –  Relaxation using music and different relaxation techniques and materials.


If you are interested in learning more about Willems you can watch the following video: