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An aquarium has joined our Infant Community classroom

We are excited to announce a new arrival in our Infant Community, the Kings have been very generous with us this year! We have been joined by some gold fish!

Gold fish are an ideal pet for young children. A small aquarium allows young children to experience the responsibilities of caring for and observing animals when they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so. We have pets so that you don’t have to!

Children will learn to respect their new classroom guests by not banging on the tank, feeding them with just the right amount of specially prepared fish food and keeping the aquarium nice and clean. We will practice our observation skills because our new friends will have plenty of places to hide! They also like peas (without the shells) and boiled vegetable! I can see some new activities coming 🙂 Does anyone knows how to get peas out of pods? We could even grow some food for them who knows!

Fish provide a great way to develop language. We can count how many of our new friends we can see and develop our vocabulary when discussing where they are or how they are moving. They provide a fantastic opportunity to begin to discuss the different habitats animals live in, how they breathe, eat and have babies!

We also plan to make lots of art and craft displays about our new friends and we welcome any appropriate additions to their environment that children are inspired to bring.

Above all, we hope that their presence will be a calming one. Keeping fish has been shown to improve mental health, reduce anxiety and reduce disruptive behaviour in children. In combination with our tea-making activity, what could be a more relaxing way to start the morning!