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Application Process

Due to the nature of our center, inscriptions are open throughout the year subject to a place being available. We accept children from 15 months old providing that they can walk in a stable way.

We aim to maintain a homologous group in both environments, in terms of gender, age and mother tongue. This ensures that both English and Spanish are the languages used in the environment by all children and therefore helps in the language learning process. Catalan is also spoken by our guides and we encourage children whose native language is Catalan, or whose parents want their child to learn Catalan, to do so.
The process:
Email our center to request the details for the online application form and complete this form.
Once we have received your application form we will assess it and see if we have a space for your child(ren).
If we have space for your child we will arrange a visit to the center one afternoon between 15:30 and 17:00.
If you are interested in taking up a space at our center, we may ask you to return with your child so that they can meet the Guide for their environment. This is particularly important if your child is between 2 ½ and 3, as they may fit better in Infant Community or Children’s House.
Assuming that the application is successful, we will make you a time limited offer of a place. In order to accept the place you need to return all documentation and complete all payments within that time.