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Arts and Crafts

Our children are getting crafty this year at Nido!

We believe that Arts and Crafts are a key part in our children’s development and understanding of the world. When they work towards finishing something special they have made, they are building skills for life in problem solving, commitment and cognitive skills. As well as this, they are benefitting from the sensorial experience of exploring material, colour, shape and texture to create something new, expanding their imaginations and intellect. We use loose themed structures to spark children’s ideas so they are part of the whole creative process. 

Have a look at some of our projects…


Junk Modelling

We use recycling as a big source of inspiration in creating art pieces. It is amazing what the children can come up with using containers and household materials. We can make a whole town with junk modeling and many other great and useful crafts. 



Nature Crafts 

Connecting with nature is something we do a lot in our crafts. If we can’t make it to the forest we bring the forest to the garden and build with wood, leaves, flowers and mud. Having time outside is important for the self development and understanding of the planet our children have. Finding a safe place to work with natural materials gives the children a chance to express their personality and let their imaginations go wild.



Jewellery Making

Jewellery making has been done for centuries by boys and girls and is a lovely way to design and decorate something which you can take home and wear. We use a selection of different materials and techniques to make our jewellery and teach the children that  something which looks very complicated can actually be really easy.