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Nature is a wonderful thing, something which all children are naturally curious of.  We want to harness the curiosity and help children to discover the nature around them and create a sustainable environment for local wildlife.  For this reason, we have decided to participate in a European wide project called Birdlab.


IMG_6555What this means for your children:

Our garden now hosts two new bird feeders.  We will regularly stock these feeders to encourage birds to come and eat from them.  Although at first they may be hesitant, we hope that they will learn to come and use the feeders at regular times, whilst we are inside the classroom.  This means that the children will be able to watch the different species of bird that arrive and how they behave.  We can discuss what these birds eat, where they live and how they migrate.


What this means for Birdlab:

Birdlab is a project from Agro ParisTech, run by Carmen Gomes and Bessa-Fracois Chiron. They are interested in studying the behavioral patterns of of European birds.  The project runs every winter from November until March.  Our handy-man Erwan, who is a bird enthusiast, has built the birdfeeders and will visit the center regularly to maintain them and collect data to send to Birdlab.



Thinking of participating at home?

Birdlab requires a birdfeeder, bird food and a tablet or smartphone (we don’t give this to the children!)  If you want to participate in BirdLab, please visit this page (currently only available in French):




The Feeders


Our birdfeeders were made by Erwan from natural,  recycled materials.  They are entirely covered with an ecological brown timber preservative to protect them throughout the year. This structure meets the requirements o

f BirdLab’s observation protocol application and offers winter birds the comfort of feeding in harmony with the natural environment.  If you would like more information about these feeders for your garden, balcony or terrace, you can contact Erwan directly at his mail:

For the Francophones out there, here is a video to explain the project.