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Life at Nido

Our two spaces are adapted to the routine of the children in them. We ask parents to respect the needs of the children and keep to the timetable. Should you need to drop-off or collect your child outside of the times given, please notify us in advance by email or in person.

Our Infant Community drop-off time is between 8:30 and 9:00. Parents are invited to enter through the main entrance, fold the pram, help their child change their shoes and quietly and calmly enter the environment. Children complete an uninterrupted work cycle and then sing or read stories together during circle time before going outside to enjoy the garden providing the weather is good. The children help to set the tables and serve themselves lunch. After this it is naptime for all in the sleeping room. When they wake-up, there is time for a quick snack and play in the garden, before dismissal between 15:15 and 15:30.

Our Children’s House start at 8:40 and enter via a separate door. They complete a much longer uninterrupted work-cycle in the morning, before a quick play in the garden. Again the children help to set the table for lunch and serve themselves. The younger members of Children’s House can choose to nap but the older children tend to complete a second work cycle.

Children who stay for aftercare complete activities including, gardening, food preparation, storytelling and craft activities. More details can be found here.

On Thursdays, Children’s House break from the normal routine. During the morning they have a shorter work-cycle in order to go to Ramon Sole in order to complete activities to develop their gross motor skills.