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Our team

Our team is made up of experience professionals from the area of child development. All our Guides have qualifications from the AMI, (Association Montessori Internationale)

Our multilingual staff are fluent in English, Spanish, Catalan and French, so you will always find someone who speaks your language. We follow the OPOL philosophy for language learning, except in the case of Spanish and Catalan, where one person speaks both languages.

When talking with staff at our center, we encourage you to use the correct language when speaking to us in front of your child. This helps your child to see that languages are used to communicate and we all need to learn to speak them, young and old. If you don’t feel confident doing so, please email us in your chosen language and we will arrange a meeting if necessary.

For more details about our staff, please see below:



Timothée at the age of 4

Timothée at the age of 2

Timothée studied History of Art and Literature in France before becoming a French teacher while living in London. This is when he decided that he wanted to work with children. After moving to Spain he learned about Montessori method and practice and went to France to enrol in a teaching assistant’s course near Lyon. Later he acquired a Diploma in Tecnico de Educacion Infantil from the University of Zaragoza in Spain. After working for several years as a teaching assistant in pre-schools and seeing how little  diversity there is in educational method for this age group, he decided in 2014 to create Nido, the first Montessori centre in Barcelona since 1924.



Abigail à l'age de 4 ans

Abigail à l'age de 4 ans

At school she was always good at science and maths.  When she was old enough, she went to university in England to study Neuroscience because she was fascinated by why people think the way they do.  These days she works with older children, teaching science and maths. She started teaching in 2008 when she completed her Teacher Training (PGCE) at the Institute of Education in London.  In 2012, she took a break from teaching for a year and completed a Masters research project looking at the effects of early life stress on brain development and learning.  At this time she became interested in Montessori method and practice and how neuroscience can lead to a better understanding of child development and improvements in education.  Together with her partner Timothée, she works behind the scenes at the centre in order to support the connection between science and Montessori at Nido.


Guide 3 to 6 years old

Idoia was born in Bilbao and studied Early Childhood Education at the University of the Basque Country and Special Education at the Pontifical University of Salamanca.

At the end of her studies Idoia began to work as a teacher in a conventional school. She has always been very curious about education and that is why she decided to take a break to explore and investigate this field further. She collaborated for 4 months in an educational project in Peru and that's how she got to know the Montessori pedagogy. On returning from this experience Idoia wanted to deepen and learn more about Montessori and in the year 2014 she decided to take the AMI training for Children's House, taught by the Montessori Institute of Mexico.

Since then Idoia has worked for 4 years as a Montessori Guide at Casa de Niños, 3 of them at a school in San Francisco, California.
Idoia considers herself an active person and in her spare time enjoys traveling, laughing, music and practicing yoga.


    Guide 0 to 3 years old

    Nuria was born and raised in Barcelona. Being the youngest child of her family, she felt eager to learn from her older sibling and numerous cousins. They taught her many wonderful things such as how to pick blackberries, make a jasmine necklace, swim or ride a bicycle. 


    After graduating from high school she decided to attend the University of Barcelona, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, and worked at the offices of Diputació de Barcelona as an administrative and legal advisor for 9 years.


    In 2007 her life changed when she got the opportunity to move to San Diego, California (USA), with her husband who is a scientist working in the field of Genomics. There, she had the opportunity to work as a Spanish language teacher for kids from ages 1 to 12 years old. Working with children revealed as her true passion, and she decided to get formal training in the education field.


    She obtained an official European Master’s Degree in Montessori Education (0-6 years-old) by the University of Vic (UVic), along with the AMI certifications of Assistant to Infancy (0-3) and Casa dei Bambini (3-6) in a joint program between the UVic and The Montessori Institute of San Diego. After getting the degrees, she worked during 3 years as English Toddler Guide and Infant Community Supervisor at Kinderhouse Montessori School of San Diego, a multicultural AMI certified educational center. Most recently, she has collaborated as an Associate Teacher and AMI referee within the UVic’s Montessori Master’s degree program.


    After a long stay in USA (8 years), life brought her back to her hometown. She looks forward to keep fostering children in their social, emotional and intellectual growth.


    In her free time she enjoys crafting, hiking in family, and rediscovering the world with her 5-year-old son.


      Teaching assistant 3 to 6 years old

      Molly was born in England and as a child moved to the country side in Ireland. Here she loved playing outdoors and fell in love with the beauty within nature. When she finished secondary school she decided to go au-pairing and realised her passion was working with children and developing a sense of wonder about the greater world within them. When she arrived back on Irish soil, she decided enroll in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Montessori Education in Cork Institute of Technology. This course looked at involving the Montessori philosophy for children aged 0-12 years in different educational settings.

      After her studies she longed for a new experience and decided to move to Vietnam for a year. Whilst exploring this beautiful country she taught English classes and art classes. The following year she moved closer to her family in Ireland and worked in a Montessori school where she believed all her previous experience was worthwhile to her.

      She has always dreamed of living in Barcelona and in the Summer of 2018 made this fantasy into a reality.


        Teaching assistant 14 month to 3 years old

        Sarah was born in Birmingham, England. When she was five she moved to the rolling hills of High Wycombe, where she grew up creating and performing her own stories.
        At the age of 6, Sarah had an inspiring teacher who guided her to creatively explore the world. Sarah always remembers the impact this had on her life and tries to put this into her own methodology.
        Sarah studied Drama, Applied Theatre and Education at The Royal Central School Of Speech and Drama in London. Whilst here she worked for special education programs, theatre in education tours, nurseries and schools. This degree sparked her passion for education and she truly believes in the power of the arts as an educative and therapeutic tool.
        After her degree, she worked as a freelancer in various nurseries across London as a drama, music and dance teacher for under 5s. Sarah was also commissioned to co-run week-long workshops for adults with learning disabilities and one-off multi-sensory sessions for families.
        Sarah's educational career has so far, been based on more traditional schooling methods, but she believes that children can get more out of their education, hence why she's excited to be joining Nido as she loves the Montessori pedagogy and is eager to learn more.
        Sarah has always wanted to live and work abroad and in October 2017 she turned this into reality. In her spare time, she loves to read, play ping pong, cook, and travel!


          Teaching assistant 14 month to 3 years old

          Julia was born in a tiny city on the Polish/German border, and hour away from Berlin. When she turned eleven her parents decided to move to England and start their life in a foreign country, taking her with them. She then attended high school where she decided she wanted to go to University and study degree in Arts. 

          Completing her foundation diploma in Art and Design in a school near Leeds. She was offered a place at Manchester School of Arts to study Illustration and Animation. 
          After completing her Bachelor’s degree she had several solo exhibitions in Manchester, had her own studio space where she worked on her paintings, but one day decided she wanted to try her luck learning a third language and moving overseas. So she did just that. 
          She believes that art should unite, connect and most importantly give confidence and guide people. She moved to Madrid and started her adventure as a Montessori assistant in a school right here in the centre of Iberian peninsula. Along being the luckiest person in the world doing what she enjoys she also gets to run her own art workshops and currently is working on a street art POP-up community project.
          She enjoys all types of creativity, and believes that art and languages go hand in hand with each other. She is very passionate about writing, pottery, photography and most importantly utilising our hands and getting messy and creative, and kids are the best example to do just that with. She enjoys teaching as well as learning. 
          Julia is a strong believer in arts as therapy.

            Nuria G

            Núria was born in Barcelona.
            She enjoys accompanying life processes and especially those that connect with the essential, just as it happens in childhood. She has studied Early Childhood Education at the University of Barcelona. She got to know the Montessori Method during her stay in Italy and found it to be a good balance between scientific knowledge and respectful accompaniment, so she trained as an AMI Montessori Assistant 3-6.
            She is a person who believes that by joining forces things can evolve, which led her to found, together with other lively teachers, “AprenentxEducar” association. She is passionate about learning and knowing human development, as well as discovering herself as a companion of diverse and full lives. Currently, this desire to learn has led her to study a Master's Degree in Professional Intervention in Early Care in UB.
            Since she was a child she has enjoyed dancing, and she feels that through dance and its multiple forms she can get to know herself and her surroundings, because, after all, life is movement! She also enjoys travelling and getting to know different realities and lifestyles.