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Our team


Guide 0 to 3 years old

Gemma at the age of 2

Gemma at the age of 2

Gemma believes strongly that education has the power to change the world and that, as adults, we have a duty to respect the rights of all children. Gemma always wanted to become a teacher and, after graduating from the University of Vic in 2013, worked as an intern in the Municipal Educational Services of Pistoia in Italy. After this experience she was keen to continue learning about different teaching methods and so decided to specialise by studying Montessori method and practice. She enrolled in a  Masters in Montessori Education for 0-6yrs at Vic University and graduated as a Montessori Guide 0-3yrs (2015) and 3-6yrs (2014 ). Her diploma was granted by the University in collaboration with the Association Montessori International of San Diego, California.

In her spare time Gemma enjoys travelling, cooking and walking by the sea.


    Music teacher

    Laia was born in Barcelona and, as a child she was fascinated with history. For that reason she graduated as a history major in the University of Barcelona. As a child, Laia loved to climb trees and being in contact with nature, that's why her parents decided that she should join a Scout Association where she grew as a person. As time went by, she realized that she was passionate about transmitting everything she had learned to the youngest generations and enjoy their full potential. 

    Since she was 3, she studies music at Musicant and she has lived and been in touch with music throughout her whole life growing amongst songs and instruments like the piano, the guitar or, her favorite: the flute. 

    Her life turned 180 degrees the day she started working at a special education school. She realized that she could use music to connect with the children and that, through the music she was able to better establish a bond with them. This led her to study a masters degree in music therapy in Isep and the University of Vic.

    During her free time, Laia likes to do all kinds of hand work such as knitting as well as discovering all kinds of places near her. Recently her life has changed completely as she has become a mother for the first time. Now she is thrilled to share this discovery of music with her own child. 




      Samanta is a psychologist graduated from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona; with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychopatology and Dynamic Psychotherapy from Fundació Vidal I Barraquer (Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona).  She is also currently pursuing another Master’s degree in Clinical Psychotherapy at IPSI, Barcelona.  Samanta has been trained in psycho-educational and emotional diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents and families. She has been working with children since she was a teenager and she states that she continues to learn from them.


      Guide 3 to 6 years old

      Joan was born in Barcelona and as a teenager he became a wilderness expedition guide in northern Ontario, in Canada. This experience fundamentally changed him and he has since developed a strong interest in education as a tool to help people develop to their full potential.

      He studied social education and a Post Diploma in Peace Culture and Conflict Resolution. After taking part of different alternative education projects in Barcelona and working in youth shelters, he moved to Canada to get some perspective. There, he stumbled into Montessori and quickly fell in love with the power of this science-based pedagogy.

      In Toronto, he helped start a Lower Elementary Montessori program and afterwards went on to start his own Upper Elementary classroom. Joan is also about to finish his Montessori Guide Training.

      Joan is a lifelong martial artist and has recently become an instructor. He also loves spending time outdoors hiking, climbing or exploring new places.


        Workshops specialist

        toddler-childGeorgia was brought up in London until she was a teenager and then moved to the scenic english country-side with her family,  having more freedom and peace from the city life. She always had a passion for music throughout her childhood and spent many years singing and exploring different genres, eventually finding Electronic music where she began producing at the age of 20. After moving home she went on to work with children and autistic children doing play work in school settings and giving art and music workshops to children in after school clubs. She later went onto study Creative Music Production at the University of Brighton where she spent many years before moving to Barcelona. Since then, she has been teaching English to primary ages through music, craft drama and play and also pursuing her own music projects and performing.


          Teaching assistant 18 months to 3 years old

          Laura was born andimg_9088 raised in the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh. As a child she was obsessed with dinosaurs and dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. She started working at the age of 16 in a local chain supermarket whilst studying at high school. After leaving school she went onto study higher Administration at college. Following these studies she went on to work in an office. It wasn't long after until she realised that she wanted to explore something much more exciting and fulfilling.

          At home she worked at the same job for 8 years and by the summer of 2015 she decided she was badly in need of change and had to get out of my comfort zone. This proved to be the best thing she ever did. Last year she took the plunge and moved to Barcelona to work in a nursery/primary school in Sarria whilst living with a host family. She worked with kids from 3-11 years old. The general experience proved to be one of the best, interesting, and challenging experiences of her life. After falling in love with Barcelona and realising that teaching had become a passion of hers, She decided that one year living here was not enough. She then applied for a job in an English academy teaching kids from 5-10 years old. This job gave her such an insight for teaching and she was able to teach her own groups of kids through games, songs, stories and fun activities.  

          She have always been a huge lover of animals so it wasn't until her niece Sommer was born 5 years ago that she discovered her love for children. Being an auntie gives her so much pride and joy. She didn't know kids could be so funny until Sommer started talking and telling me her stories. Cuddles, movies and playing with her niece are just a few of things she love doing with her and every moment spent together is cherished. She enjoys working with children of all ages but particularly younger kids so when she discovered the position at Nido nursery was available she was absolutely thrilled!

          In her free time Laura enjoys going to parks, beaches, walking, sightseeing, meeting my friends, watching movies and of course visiting home in the holidays!


            Teaching assistant 18 months to 3 years old

            img_20160703_191302Irene’s initial calling was towards the arts, and she studied industrial design while babysitting to pay her tuition. After finishing her degree, and as she was expected to start her professional life as a designer, she realized that what made her happy was to spend her time caring for those small and wonderful beings. Therefore she went and trained as a professional kindergarten educator.

            It is during a three-month internship in a London nursery school that she became fascinated with the Montessori Methodology. She thought it essential that a child preserves his innate capacity to grow self-confident and learn through his own interests. She first did her own research in the practice, read a lot, and when the occasion presented itself she undertook the Montessori Assistant Course with IMMAC (México’s Montessori Institute).

            In her free time, Irene likes to travel, to paint and to read.


              Teaching assistant 3 to 6 years old

              ciaraCiara was born in Sheffield, UK, where she lived up until the age of eight when she moved to Spain with her family. She has always loved been with children, even when she was a child herself she liked looking after ones younger then her. 

              During high school she wanted to study a science career because she enjoyed science and maths. Geology was on the top of her list before she worked as a monitor at a summer camp with children between 3 and 5. She then changed her mind and enrolled in Educación Infantil, in Castellón de la Plana. In her course she found out about Maria Montessori and her method and was completely fascinated. 

              She has worked with children in a few schools, but found she didn't like how conventional nurseries worked. Education is so important for her she decided she would only work with children if she liked the project and method. Now she is very excited about working at Nido because she loved the Montessori method.


                Guide 3 to 6 years old

                1448040141929Okmaya was born is Barcelona and as a child she wanted to be a professional dancer.
                She studied Geography at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and, after completing her master degree in Meteorology and Climate at Universitat de Barcelona, she decided to go to Africa to get some perspective on her professional life. It was there, in contact with children, that her interest in education started to grow. On her return to Barcelona she discovered and fell in love with Montessori and its methodology based on the children’s immense capacities to develop.
                Before becoming an AMI Montessori guide 3-6, Okmaya attended the AMI Classroom assistant Certificate Children’s House (3-6) in New Zealand.
                Okmaya loves to dance, travel, go to the beach and read books during her free time. But most of all, she loves to spend her time with her family and friends.



                  Abigail à l'age de 4 ans

                  Abigail à l'age de 4 ans

                  At school she was always good at science and maths.  When she was old enough, she went to university in England to study Neuroscience because she was fascinated by why people think the way they do.  These days she works with older children, teaching science and maths. She started teaching in 2008 when she completed her Teacher Training (PGCE) at the Institute of Education in London.  In 2012, she took a break from teaching for a year and completed a Masters research project looking at the effects of early life stress on brain development and learning.  At this time she became interested in Montessori method and practice and how neuroscience can lead to a better understanding of child development and improvements in education.  Together with her partner Timothée, she works behind the scenes at the centre in order to support the connection between science and Montessori at Nido.



                  Timothée at the age of 4

                  Timothée at the age of 2

                  Timothée studied History of Art and Literature in France before becoming a French teacher while living in London. This is when he decided that he wanted to work with children. After moving to Spain he learned about Montessori method and practice and went to France to enrol in a teaching assistant’s course near Lyon. Later he acquired a Diploma in Tecnico de Educacion Infantil from the University of Zaragoza in Spain. After working for several years as a teaching assistant in pre-schools and seeing how little  diversity there is in educational method for this age group, he decided in 2014 to create Nido, the first Montessori centre in Barcelona since 1924.


                  Rose-Hélène is a clinical psychologist graduated from Paris XIII University with an open approach to psychology and her practice. She was able to develop her practice from her psychoanalytic orientation training, her experiences in France and in different cultural environments (Uruguay, Nicaragua) as well as through her taste for travel.

                  She works in the field of mental health with people of all ages and backgrounds led her to accompany them in their times of crisis and to support them in the process required for a necessary and much desired personal change.

                  Her practice is based on listening to and interacting with patients based on what they feel, their past and present stories, and their future projections while adapting to each person's needs.