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We’re excited to inform you that Nido is currently hiring. We currently have a position to work with us in our Children’s House as an Assistant starting September 2017.


Candidates must:

Have experience working with children

Be native English speakers


We will highly value:

Candidates holding an AMI Diploma

Candidates who have completed an AMI Assistant Training Course

Music and Art skills.

Long term commitment to the school

Knowledge or working experience in a Montessori environment.

Good verbal and written communication skills in Catalan, Spanish, French


Job description:

The general duties include but are not limited to:


  • Uphold the grace and courtesy standards
  • Be a model student of integrity, curiosity, responsibility, creativity and respect for all racial, cultural and gender diversity.


Preparation and care of the environment:

  • Preparation and maintenance of the Montessori prepared environment. This includes tasks of restocking, cleaning and maintaining.
  • Care and preparation of materials (they need to be complete, repaired and maintained within Montessori principles of simplicity, order and beauty). This includes washing, dusting, restocking and repairing.
  • Arriving promptly to prepare the environment for the day and greet the children.


Assisting the Guide

  • Work under the direction of the Guide to establish a class culture of productive work and respect.
  • Supervise the classroom when necessary mediating in conflicts as directed by the Guide. Work with individual children or groups of children when directed by the guide.
  • Establishing and upholding routines and transitions such as arrivals and dismissals, lunch, recess or nap time.
  • Assist children in meeting their physical needs while respecting and fostering their autonomy: going to the bathroom, changing clothes, etc.



  • Scientific observation of the children as instructed by the guide. This is to be done on a daily basis. Records must be kept, organized and analyzed with the other assistant and guide.


Professional growth

  • Seek feedback to improve performance in supporting the environment and in your work with the children. Be open to constructive feedback.
  • Be open to giving constructive feedback to peers
  • Participate in structured and informal professional development opportunities provided by the school or others. This will include parent education nights, open houses and more.
  • Be interested in learning more about Montessori philosophy


Communication and professionalism

  • Communicate effectively and demonstrate professional behavior towards students, families and co-workers
  • Collaborate with colleagues to ensure a positive work environment.
  • Maintain professional appearance, timeliness and reliability



How to apply:

Send your resumé and a letter of motivation together with any reference you want to provide from previous employers to

Application deadline: 28/04/2017



We are currently looking for trained Montessori teachers and assistants to be part of our project. If the project interests you and you are a native English and/or Catalan speaker and Montessori trained, send us your curriculum and a short letter explaining how you could perfectly fit the needs of a project like this to

We are also looking for:

  • Yoga teachers for pregnant women and mother & baby groups with English and/or Catalan as a native language,
  • English teachers,
  • Theater teachers,
  • Homework club monitors,
  • Volunteers  
  • Teacher who could create original workshops for children between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m that has to do with the Montessori pedagogy.

We are open to suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and see you soon ,


During our school closure, our staff and students will be continuing with learning using our virtual platforms. We still celebrate a daily circle time for all our families and we have a wide range of activities that your children can enjoy and help to bring some routine to your day! Our Admissions administration will also continue to work virtually such that applicants can continue with new and pending applications. We thank you for your patience while we respond to your enquiry!

Admissions: please email
Virtual Visits:
Curriculum enquiries:

Thank you for your understanding 

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