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Sensory Play at Nido

We are pleased to announce that our spring workshop has been a total success.

Our wonderful assistants Laura and Irene have developed the sensory play workshop specially aimed at children aged 0-3. Our little birds have been provided with plenty of opportunities to explore the world through their senses and have experimented with different kinds of sensory play while having a blast.

Follow this link for more information about the workshop!



A bit about sensory play

It is through sensory play that children develop some key skills and abilities

  • Cognitive – sensory play stimulates children to make observations and predictions. It helps them with problem solving and decision making.
  • Speech and language – children talk and share ideas as they play. Sensory play can also be a gateway to symbolic and imaginative play.
  • Physical / motor – sensorial play fosters the development of physical abilities. Both fine and gross motor skills and developed through these type of games.
  • Social / emotional – Going through certain experiences together builds trust among the children. Social skills such as taking turns and sharing are also developed as they play.