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Swimming Lessons

This year our little birds are going to the pool!

Nido has started to collaborate with Penguins Barcelona so that our families can benefit from their innovative swimming program.

Penguins uses the phenomenal methods used by Linnéas Simskola in Sweden and Imagine Swimming in the United States. All their team has been trained by professionals from these pioneering centers. In their own words:

“At Penguins we believe that each class has to be a meaningful, effective and fun experience. Our method aims at stimulating children’s development at all levels (psychomotor, sensory, intellectual, social), to make them feel safe, agile and happy in the water.

We believe that a good teacher is able to identify the unique needs and abilities of each of their students: our classes are tailored to the needs of each child, and not the opposite. Children are playing the central role, and are a constant source of inspiration.”

Their installations have been specially designed for the children’s maximum comfort. The water is warmed up to 32 degrees and is only treated with UV (Ultra Violet) rays and salt. The pool also has noise cancelling material in order to make the child’s stay as comfortable as possible. Penguins also offers the opportunity for families to come to see their young ones during class while they enjoy a coffee or an organic snack. They even offer the opportunity for families to join their little ones in the water.

Every Monday the bus will bring Nido’s children to Penguins Barcelona and parents will be able to pick them up directly there when the class finishes.

Hop in the water Penguins!