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Timetable and Prices

Prices and schedule

Children’s House

Part Time (8:30 to 13:30)

665E monthly quota

Full Time (8:30 to 15:30)

690E monthly quota

 Material: 210E per year

Infant Community

Part Time (8:30 to 12:15)530E monthly quota
Full Time (8:30 to 15:30)650E monthly quota
 Material: 115E per year


For each program there is a non refundable enrollment fee of 450E. For those who decide to pay full tuition in advance there is a 7% discount. We also offer a “Breakfast Club” (8:00 to 8:30) that has a fee of 80E / month and an Enrichment program (15:30 to 16:30) that has a fee of 60E / month.

You can also decide to come for a single session of Enrichment program or workshop for 8E per session.

Children who have attended Nido for a year are eligible for a discount from the start of the next academic year, please speak to us for details.


Depending on place available, some workshops might be open to children outside of Nido, for more informations please contact us. 

Infant Community
Yoga with Toddlers

(do yoga with your child!)

  Active Music 


Children’s House
Pool at PenguinsYogaCrafts WorkshopLearn to Code (Robotics)Active Music



Workshops (16:30 to 17:30)
1 day30 for Nido families / 50 other families
2 days50* / month
3 days70* / month
4 days90* / month
5 days110* / month

*Keep in mind these are prices for Nido families. For all the other families that are interested in coming to Nido more than once a week to join a workshop, contact us directly for discounted prices.