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What our parents say

We invite parents to observe their child’s environment. This is a great way for parents to learn more about the Montessori work cycle and understand how our environment works. Here are some of the comments from parents who have been to observe.

“La concentración que los niños presentan durante el ciclo de trabajo es admirable”
“The concentration that the children present during the work cycle is admirable.”

“Se respira ambiente de trabajo, no de juego. Además, los niños interactúan mucho entre sí (se reparten la fruta cortada, observan actividades de otros, etc)”
“One breathes a working environment, not a playful one. In addition, the children interact a lot with each other (they share the cut fruit, observe other people’s activities, etc.)”.

“Ambiente de trabajo, con niños concentrados en las actividades y con los adultos sin tener un rol activo, sino de apoyo cuando se les necesita.”
” A work environment, with children concentrated in activities and with adults who do not have an active role, but provide support when needed.”