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Why choose Nido for your Child

We pride ourselves on our expertise in Montessori. Many centers today offer an extensive programme involving a mix of different pedagogies, four or five languages and constantly changing activities. We believe that in the case of early childhood development, less is more. Children need time and consistency in order to grow, learn and develop.
All our Guides are AMI (International Montessori Association) trained . This means they carefully plan Montessori activities to suit each individual child.
Our Guides keep careful records of your child’s day, including the activities they complete and the progress that they are making. This allows them to plan individual presentations of new activities which are ideally suited to fall within the “zone of proximal development” which your child is currently working in.
You and any other caregiver that you assign will get information about your child’s day in terms of food and toileting and any urgent comments via transparent classroom. At the end of each week we also send you a written comment about how your child’s week has been. You will also receive photos of some of the activities your child has completed recently.
Our bilingual environment allows children to learn to communicate in two, sometimes three important languages. We understand that not all children come to us able to understand or speak English and Spanish or Catalan. Our staff also speak French, helping to make your child’s transition to the center as smooth as possible.
Our stunning garden allows children to enjoy Montessori activities in the fresh air.
Our staff have completed specialised food safety and first aid courses.
Our center has been designed and prepared for young children. It also exceeds all legal safety standards set by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
Finally, Nido was set-up for our daughter who attends every day. We want the best for our child, just as you do for yours.