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This year, Georgia is going to lead the Yoga Workshop again for the children attending Children’s House.

At our Yoga Workshop we explore how the body can tune into our mood, help us focus and understand our own emotions better. We use fun mindfulness exercises, energetic warm ups, narratives that take us through all the traditional yoga poses and we end with a calming sensory relaxation. 

A common session usually includes the following:


Mindful Moment

We take this time to settle down from the busy day with slow breathing exercises using gong sounds, a meditation jar and different relaxing smells. This physical stimuli guide us to a calm place where we are ready to focus and engage with our bodies. These exercises can be used in any context for calming heightened emotions.


Warm-up the body

To prepare ourselves for the active sequence we warm up our bodies by acknowledging each body part through stretching, twisting and tapping. We build up slowly and work up to a fast paced rhythm. This gets the energy flowing through our muscles and makes us more flexible.


Story Wheel

Our main activity is a collaborative story where the children choose their favourite yoga position and then act out a short narrative as a group using different places and characters from the wheel. This takes us on a journey through different places in the world incorporating all of the traditional yoga moves. Each week we travel to different places such as Jungles, Seas and Forests in the world and transform into different animals, beings and objects.



Throughout the class we use chanting with actions or percussion to connect us as a group and heighten our mood. We chant some traditional yogic chants in Sanskrit and Gurmukhi and also sing  regular welcome or ending songs in English all together.